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Hideki Matsui was number one base ball player in Japanese baseball circles. He did a very good job in Japan. He became a great baseball player who stands for Japan. I think he succeeded in America for some reason. firse of all, American ffun accepted him readily. He is called at GOZILA that was his nickname in Japan as well as in New York. He is proud of popularity like an idol in New York. There are shop that serve food that be associated with his name in Japanese food shop in New York. Second, he can adjust oneself to environment of America. It was no easy task to hit a home run. There are a good many home run batter like him in America. Ichiro who has succeeded as a Japanese batter in the first place advised him to adjust oneself to environment of America. There will be a large number of pressure. But he had to get over pressure. I believe that the ball that he hit stick into Yankees stadium today.
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